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7 Questions to Ask as You Implement Mobility Solutions in Your Warehouse

Check out this great blog post by Larry Klimczyk, Vice President, Intermec Global Solutions:

“We all know the importance of choosing the right mobile device to optimize any warehouse process or solution. Based on the products you are handling, the size and layout of your warehouse, the systems and processes you have in place and your labor skill set, there are a variety of hardware choices to be made. What’s equally important is the framework by which you will prepare and protect that hardware for performance – from the earliest stages of your implementation through end of cycle. To ensure our customers are considering each stage in the lifecycle management of their mobile devices, the following questions should be asked before any implementation:

1. Do you have an existing WMS (Warehouse Management System)?
Understanding what work tasks will be performed and the type of data that will be gathered by your workforce will help determine the optimum solution.  For some processes, you might choose a voice-enabled solution. For processes where a mobile computer screen is needed, it’s necessary to decide if Terminal Emulation or a Browser based solution is more beneficial. Those choices will influence battery management, screen refresh speeds and scan speeds.

2. Will your warehouse have wireless coverage?
There are number of advantages associated with wireless coverage including faster response times and greater flexibility which results in higher productivity and faster returns on the investment.  When setting up a wireless infrastructure we recommend a professional assessment. It can lower your overall infrastructure costs while ensuring 100% coverage for maximum ‘up-time’.

3. How are you going to prepare your devices for deployment?
Loading the right software on the device and deploying it with the user sounds like a straight forward process, however, there are essential time-saving and quality control tools that can enhance this process.  Intermec’s Smart Systems software tools have saved organizations hundreds of hours of labor costs by accurately deploying and managing devices in their warehouses.  For organizations with lean ‘in-house’ resources Intermec offers ReadiCare.  This service simplifies staging and deployment by providing ‘out of the box – ready for use’ devices allowing your team to focus in other areas.

4. Are your training plans and resources structured for a successful technology implementation?
Research shows that less than 25% of mobility project teams properly plan adequate training for users impacted by the new equipment and processes, leading to one of the highest reasons projects fail.  Without proper training, the ongoing costs escalate and benefits are not realized. Intermec’s Education team provides resources that enhance your training program through in person, train the trainer and online training. We also provide new employee training on applications due to workforce turnover.

5. How will you deal with damages and repairs?
Through extended use your devices could incur damage and need repairs. Intermec offers the options of repair services and maintaining a spares pool thereby ensuring your operations remain fully equipped and productive.

6. How will you provide and manage user support?
After deployment, who will answer your users’ application and/or device questions? Ensuring maximum ‘up time’ is vital for productive warehouses. Intermec can provide helpdesk support and offer remote device control that instantly solve your users’ questions or issues.

7. Do you use returnable containers in your warehouse / distribution network? Do you often lose them?
If you answered ‘yes’ then you should consider the benefits that RFID can contribute to these processes. With the continual enhancements to read accuracy and the increasingly lower costs of RFID readers and tags, many warehouse and distribution networks are achieving substantial returns on their investments through reduction in labor and tighter control over their assets.

Managing a distribution network is a complex, yet core element to the success of many businesses.   Intermec Global Solutions increases the value of your initial investment and protects your future investments in devices throughout their entire lifecycle with our Total Customer Experience methodology. Our software, engagement and mobile device management services allow you to dedicate more time improving your warehouse key performance areas. We ensure your teams have the right device at the right time with the right applications to manage and grow your business.”

Ryzex and Intemec offer world-class solutions through a platinum-level partnership. Contact Ryzex today to help grow your Warehouse Operations.