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Calculate the ROI for mobile bar code printing in your warehouse

Are you getting the maximum return on investment for your warehouse’s bar code printer? You might benefit from adding mobility to this labeling task. By printing and applying labels at the point of application, you increase operational efficiency and reduce operator errors that occur when labeling in inconvenient locations.

A mobile bar code printer means less time spent traveling back and forth from the warehouse floor to the printing station to pick up labels. You will also remove potential distractions that could lead to wasted time and errors during this trek.

Consider this. If your warehouse holds $10 million worth of inventory and operates at 99 percent accuracy, you have $100,000 worth of missing inventory at any given time. Let’s assume you have 10 inventory turns annually. That one percent error is costing $1 million per year.

Now add in the cost to resolve those errors. At the standard error rate of 2.5 percent and an error cost of $100, a company loses $250 for every 100 orders processed. Operating five days per week, 52 weeks per year, your annual cost to fix the errors is $65,000. Improving your error rate by one percentage point would save your business $41,600 in error-related expenses every year.

Does it make sense to incorporate mobile bar code printing into your warehouse? In truth, it doesn’t make any sense not to!

See for yourself. Use this handy ROI calculator to enter your data.

Talk to a Ryzex representative about the mobile printing options available. We carry the wide range of printers and supplies from Zebra, the worldwide leader in bar code printing technology. Let us find the best solution for you.

Have you met the return on your investment with a mobile printer? Are you still thinking about incorporating the technology? Please post your thoughts, opinions, and experience here so others can learn from you as well